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Welcome to Bread and Butter, the approved fanlisting for the one-of-a-kind manga-ka Yamashita Tomoko! :D Feel free to browse through the little tribute section. And of course, do join the fanlisting if you're a fan~ Enjoy your stay!

14th October 2015: No new members have joined recently. Also updated some information. In celebration of her 10th anniversary, there will be an exhibition held in December. And her upcoming works include
  • A smackin' new edition of Je t'aime, cafe noir (24th Oct)
  • Special feature in onBLUE vol.19 with appearances of her past BL couples (24th Oct)
  • Collection of the tokuten comments and comics across the 10 years (7th Nov)
  • New comic WHITE NOTE PAD: a teenge girl and middle-age man switch bodies (1st Dec)
  • Collection of interviews with newly-drawn comics (1st Dec)
  • An illustration book (Feb 2016)

    4th November 2013: On 25th October 2013, a new BL comic was released, titled Snip, Snail & Dog Tail. BUTTER!!! is also now complete with 6 volumes. And if you are on booklog, you can follow Yamashita Tomoko there now too!

    31st October 2012: After 3 years, Yamashita Tomoko is releasing a new BL comic on 10th December 2012 with the title story "Stroboscope"! Other one-shots include her one-shot in Nakeru BL anthology, "Chain gang", "good morning,bad day" and "Devil's thoroughbred" etc.

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