LOVE ME: a fanlisting collective


I've been lucky to own some wonderful fanlistings though I still wish to own these few. I don't mean to offend the current owners and I'm happy to see them well-taken care of. '(?)' = no. of rejections.

I'm not exaggerating if I say that I may cry if I get to own the fanlisting for Ishida Akira. Like many, I knew him from his well-known anime roles but I've grown to enjoy him in games and drama CDs too. His frank (and sometimes blunt) personality is equally enjoyable and I'm delighted when friends think of me when they see his name.

The fanlisting for Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbour Totoro), has been running ever since I first knew about fanlistings so to be honest, I'm just happy to see it remain open. My feelings are the same with regards to hyde. But I love both subjects a lot and would apply if given a chance.

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