*alphabetical order*

Jun is the youngest member and one of the part-timers. He is usually the most agreeable, appearing cute, polite and accommodating. He seems quite innocent at points too. However, his calm and boyish face is broken whenever anyone calls him 'cute/adorable' or 'girlish'. Jun loses it and often adds to the destruction, as he possesses super-strength (allowing him to lift enormous boulders or even cattle). He also has a gang of rough-looking juniors (all girls) following him, leading to common belief that Jun's sweet personality only goes so deep.

Taro is usually considered the most mature worker. He is a fastidious person that cannot stand disorder and messiness (which is precisely what the likes of Maki, Shuta create). Taro is the second in command of the cafe, and his co-workers generally do as he says, with the exception of Minagawa and Maki. His apartment is spotless, and visitors have to go through a full body sanitization before entering. Taro has a closet filled with different types of cleansers (his prized collection). He used to be less obsessive about cleanliness until he fell under a sea of filth when visiting Maki's apartment. Maki has a room in Taro's apartment, hence adding onto Taro's obsessiveness with cleanliness. Taro has an ongoing rivalry with Maki, often hitting him on the head with a mop or various items.

A great (but creepy) cook, Minagawa works behind the scenes at the cafe to provide the delicacies (and usually works alone). He is very proficient in all forms of dark arts, and often uses it to get his way. His cooking tastes wonderful, but his preparations appears to be somewhat dodgy, as he uses a necronomicon of sorts as his cooking guide (eg. In a Chichai he said adding a nail adds shine). Minagawa has a strange sense of humor, of which his co-workers are often the subjects of it (Jun seems unaffected though). No matter what strange happenings occur, he is never rattled. The manager's daughter also has a crush on Minagawa, after he reprimanded her for trying to destroy the cafe and torturing Sukekiyo.

Sukekiyo is the store cat (and probably the mascot of the series). It is rumored that most of his body mass is made up of fur, and that he was initially 3 different cats found by Minagawa, Shuta and Maki (as told in a Chichai). Minagawa is the most attached to him, often having Sukekiyo around him.

Mitaka is the ever burdened manager of the cafe who somehow manages to keep everything afloat. The task of running the cafe, doubled with trying to make enough money to cover daily damages, often leaves Mitaka with very little time to spend with his family.

His daughter Reina idolises her father, but hopes that he would spend more time with her. She Not knowing where her father worked, she wandered around until she saw Taro. Having recognised the uniform, she followed him to the cafe. In order to gain her father's attention, she destroys the cafe, but is eventually stopped by Minagawa after she started bullying Sukekiyo. After which, she developed a strong crush on Minagawa, informing her father that she was going to marry him when she grew up (to which Mitaka was shocked and Minagawa only grinned upon hearing this).

The rebellious and pretty boy of the group, Maki is often seen at ends with Taro. Minagawa will step in time to time and use voodoo to keep the fights from escalating. Despite his good looks, Maki is an enormous slob, and his room in Taro's apartment has little to no room for movement. He is the head waiter of the cafe, and often tries to hit on attractive female customers (his handphone has a whole list of contacts). One of Jun's juniors also seems to like him a lot to his horror, so he is often pressurised by Jun.

A happy-go-lucky boy, Shuta is very naive and easily taken advantage of. He is the only adult of the group that is currently going to college. Shuta attends an unnamed athletic college, and has a master/servant relationship with several of his fellow female attendees. Due to his penchant for accidental destruction (eg. breaking plates and more), Shuta's paycheck is usually very slim at the end of it all. As such, he is usually starving, and resides in a dilapidated apartment without a bath. Shuta does, however, have two pet hamsters which his co-workers refer to as his food reserves.

(Info adapted/added on from Wikipedia)