DRAMAtical Murder (abbreviated as DMMd) follows the protagonist, Seragaki Aoba. He enjoys leading his usual and peaceful lifestyle despite the tensions arising around him such as the Rhymers versus リブ teams. That is, till one day his own life is disrupted by a certain conflict - the kidnapping of his grandma, Tae. With this trigger, Aoba discovers a bigger ongoing plot occurring within the boundaries of Platinum Jail that could affect the whole island of Midorijima, as well as an unexpected truth about himself. It is from here that the game splits into individual routes. In a beautifully crafted world, seemingly unconnected characters come together but they all have their own stakes in the game - including Clear. But of course, the one with the heaviest stake is Aoba himself.

DRAMAtical Murder re:connect (DMMdrc) is the fandisk. It follows up on all the bad and good ends of the first game, as well as some extra content too.

The shrine section is still under heavy construction, so please bear with me while I slowly add the content surrounding our favourite gas mask character. This focuses on Clear and his individual route.

However, I have written a few sections which introduce the other aspects of the game too (ie. World, Key Terms). But it certainly isn't everything and is certainly confusing, so if you want a blow-by-blow account of everything that happens as the game unravels, please check out my game review/summaries on my wordpress instead. Happy reading!

Sections that are up and messy:
Profile, Symbols, Themes, World, Key Terms, Sitely.

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