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......to Melody in the Sky, a fanlisting and shrine for the character Clear from the game DRAMAtical Murder by Nitro+CHiRAL, as well as the follow-up fandisk DRAMAtical Murder re:connect.

The shrine sections contain mostly interpretations, with basic explanations. Either way, graphics are kept to the minimum so be prepared for textwalls. Please be warned that unmarked spoilers are everywhere. Also, this revolves around an R-18 BL game so don't wander around unless you are okay with ♂ x ♂, some violence, gore and mind-blowing awesome revelations that may hurt your brain at first. No copyright infringement intended, this is a non-profit site. Enjoy your stay!


12th March 2017: No new fans have joined.

18th June 2015: Crosslisted to TAFL!

17th June 2013: After playing the fandisk, I've updated some content and added one more page to the shrine. Happy reading?

20th February 2013: The Nitro+CHiRAL staff blog have just updated with Clear's birthday illustration and short story! In other words, it has just been found out that today will be Clear's birthday - so happy birthday Clear! <3

12th December 2012: The fanlisting is up and running! So is the shrine, but it's still under heavy construction! And I deliberately picked this date - congrats on the release of the Visual Fanbook!

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