1) Be a fan of the relationship between Umi & Clef!

2) Specify your real country.

3) You need to list a name, though not necessarily your real name. But names like fUnKyGaL01 will be edited.

4) Please provide a valid email.

5) You do not need a site to join but if you do it must be a working one. Upload the code to your own server and link back HERE. Please put it up either before you join the fanlisting or immediately after.

6) Absolutely no direct linking to anything on this site!

7) If your site is porn/hate/racist site, do not put it down in the join/update/edit form. If you still do, I will not list it.

8) If your site/email changes and I find out it is not working, I will remove it from the list. You will have to fill out the update/edit form with your new working site/email.