Arranged according to author. Give them a review/email if you like them, and feel free to suggest some for me to add here! :) Enjoy!

  • aikakone: Make a Wish, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Undercurrent of Emotion
  • Blue Angel Samurai: Devotions, Forever, You Don't See Me
  • Crow SkyWalker: Fevered Mind, Here I Am
  • dragon of winter nights: Dance of death, Protecting You, Untie the Knot
  • Milieva: A Spring Holiday, Far Away, Locket, Memories, Pillow Talk, Playing With Fire, Sanctuary, Try To Wish
  • Ragyn: As the World Falls Down
  • Sakura Seta: Sunset Kisses, Taking the Plunge
  • Silvanus16: Little Light Reading, Quest for the Ardoneh, Web of the Crystal, Without the Mask
  • Umi-chan3: Always With Me, Angel's Punishment, Cool On Your Island, Minotarus, Rush, Searching for Inspiration
  • Vanilla Fox: An Umi and Clef Story, Christmas Traditions

    Fan Soundtrack
    This is a selection of songs I put together which I thought nicely showed different aspects and interpretations of the relationship between Umi and Clef. I hope you enjoy it, and if you have your own playlist or song suggestions to share, feel free to email me!

    Coming soon!