LOVE ME: a fanlisting collective

Up For Adoption

Due to a lack of time, I'm increasingly neglecting my fanlistings. I don't want to close them, but keep adoptions always open. Yes, all subjects are up for adoption. Please read the following first.

  • LOVE the subject, be a fan of it. Please don't apply on a whim.
  • I use Enth 3.1.5 for my fanlistings so you should run using the same script or at least Enth 2/PHPFanBase (any version) aka use a script. I've no idea how to convert so please be aware of this.
  • Keep all current members and active affiliates.
  • Credit me as the original owner, as well as previous owners if applicable. Please contact me and give me first priority if you ever decide to adopt it out or even close it later on.
  • You may keep the codes (and if you desire, the layout too). But please credit me accordingly.
  • Basic HTML knowledge + web design skills.
  • If I choose you as the owner, have the fanlisting up by one month. If you can't for some reason please tell me.
  • If you could, email all members and affiliates about the move. Also, notify me once you receive the update form from TAFL/TFL so that I can take the notice about the move down.
  • Interested? Understood? Reasonable? Then EMAIL the following with the subject (Adoption: FL subject):
    Name: (The one you use when applying on TAFL/TFL)
    Email: (The one you use when applying on TAFL/TFL)
    URL: (Preferably existing fanlisting collective/fanlisting)
    Why do you want to run the fanlisting: